Sellafield Ltd investment in education and skills


The 2020 Great Northern Conference covered topics that have an impact on the economic prosperity of the economy such as health, digitisation and transport.

Education and skills were another key theme with a panel discussion including our Head of Community and Development, Jamie Reed who took to the main stage (virtually) to discuss how ‘we ensure communities are set up to thrive in the future.

Jamie emphasised the leadership shown by Sellafield Ltd in this area over several years and illustrated the importance for our business and mission in being able to access people with the right skills and education, for us to succeed in our mission of unique national importance that is set to continue for decades to come.

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Meanwhile, over several number of years, we have been working with local partners to drive local economic growth through education, skills and innovation.

Jamie said:

Our work in this area is a joint approach the NDA, our supply chain, employers and schools to raise attainment and aspiration so that opportunities are accessible to all in the community regardless of any disadvantages they face.

We have a whole range of skills development and opportunities in West Cumbria including buildings and education resources that train students from early teenage years to PHD level.

We also have a University Technical College in Cumbria and Warrington focused on engineering, an apprentice training centre, a National College for Nuclear and we’ve played a crucial role in the development of 2 new schools.

Jamie highlighted our recent £1.7million investment in the Western Excellence in Learning and Leadership (Well) Project designed to raise education attainment in every West Cumbrian school.

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He said:

Our partnership approach is key to supporting skills and education requirements for children and adults of all ages, and I would be delighted to see other businesses across the country following our example and developing similar innovative solutions to benefit communities right across the north.

To deliver our company’s mission while helping the community build a sustainable and diverse economy, we need strong education attainment, and we are playing our part to raise standards, close the attainment gap and promote healthy lifestyles.

This benefits the business and our local communities – at Sellafield Ltd, doing good is good business.


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