Stonehenge tunnel discovery: Ancient civilisation evidence found under A303 | UK | News (Reports)


The burials of an adult and child were unearthed near a planned tunnel route at the site. A separate piece of Bronze Age industrial land was also uncovered, in what will become a road tunnel for the A303. Found at the western tunnel route near Amesbury, they are thought to belong to the “Beaker” culture.

The Beaker people arrived in Britain thousands of years ago, sometime around 2,500 BC, according to historians.

Their origins are thought to have begun somewhere on the Eurasian Steppe in the Far East.

The adult was buried with one of the pots that give the culture its name.

A copper awl, or pin fragment, were also discovered, along with a cylindrical shale object.

The latter, researchers at the site say, may have been the head of a wooden-shafted ceremonial staff.

Matt Levers, A303 Stonehenge consultant archaeologist at Wessex Archaeology, told of the myriad objects recovered at the construction site.

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They also say it will improve views at the stone circle.

Critics, however, have staunchly opposed the move.

They claim that up to half a million artefacts could be lost.

Much of the soil won’t be sifted and could mean the destruction of countless ancient pieces of Britain’s history.

The dig for the tunnel will last around 18 months.

Around 150 archaeologists will be involved with trailing the diggers to search for any relics.

Their work will begin later this year.


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