Sturgeon shamed: Davidson highlights CONFUSION over new curfew – Scots need to be trusted | UK | News (Reports)


SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has been attacked for her lack of clarity over her latest coronavirus measures in Scotland. The First Minister announced that for central Scotland all pubs and restaurants were to be closed in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus. While speaking on ITV’s Peston Show, former Scottish Conseravtive leader Ruth Davidson demanded the Scottish people be trusted with the truth of the advice on these new measures. 

She said: “This isn’t just about what the science is, it is also the political decisions that people make when they see that science.

“As a member of the opposition we don’t get to see or hear the advice that is being given to Nicola Sturgeon nor do we get to hear the options that are put before her.”

She noted there was much confusion in Scotland on the details of the rules and citizens were now beginning to just use their common sense.

Ms Davidson said: “What is very clear is that over the course of this there has been a general acceptance in Scotland that these general public health measures just need to be followed.

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“I think we are getting to the point in Scotland now where people are looking for more justification, information and they are looking to be trusted with what the rationale is for things that seemingly don’t make sense.”

She continued:”There’s a point where we have to be able to see why we can go to a cafe and eat fish and chips for lunch but if you have a glass of wine it’s a public health threat.

“But if you don’t have a glass of wine in the same seat, in the same cafe, it is not a public health threat.

“People want to be trusted with more information about why these decisions are being made.”

“We are told that there is going to be money made available for all these businesses that are being told to shut, that is great and we welcome it.

“But when asking, how do I apply, how much am I entitled to, how do I get it they were told we haven’t worked that out yet.

“People need to have an idea how to make this work. There’s companies on their knees in Scotland.”



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