Supply chain encouraged to register for Magnox webinar


Supply chain encouraged to register for Magnox webinar

Companies are encouraged to register early for a supply chain webinar which will be held in the autumn to explain the key challenges and requirements of the new strategy.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority announced an intention to change its strategy for decommissioning the Magnox reactor sites from blanket deferral to site-specific strategies that take into account the unique features of each site.

The new programme will start at Trawsfynydd Site, with the intent to bring forward dismantling of the two reactors. Site-specific strategies for the other Magnox reactor sites will be developed over the next 12 to 18 months.

Linda Sapsford, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain, said: “Magnox wants to hear from suppliers, large and small, about how their solutions could enable major project delivery and site remediation with a view to delivering value for the UK taxpayer while also maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental performance.

Companies are invited to register for the event, scheduled for 04 November 2020, by signing up here.

The strategy is currently out for consultation and is expected to be published next year.

Published 10 September 2020


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