Survey seeks views on contingency arrangements


The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) is seeking views from all law firms and providers of legal aid services as part of a survey on contingency measures.

Providers of legal aid services will be able to tell the LAA about how the contingency arrangements have been used and leave feedback on these arrangements.

This follows the LAA’s decision that virtually all COVID-19 contingency measures would be extended to 31 March 2021.

In relation to supervision and office requirements, however, we have decided to extend contingencies until the 31 January and review what shape these measures should take from February onwards.

Providers of legal aid services will have until Monday 11 January to complete the survey.

The LAA is asking all providers with a legal aid contract to complete the survey, whether they have made use of the contingency arrangements or not, so that a complete picture can be built up.

The survey can be completed online.

More information

More details on the extension of contingency arrangements can be found on our COVID-19 contingency page.

Further details about supervision and office requirements can be found on our contract management and assurance page.


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