‘Tell the GCA’ launched for confidential reporting of Code issues


Groceries suppliers can now use a confidential platform to report to the GCA any behaviour by a designated retailer they believe to be in breach of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice.

‘Tell the GCA’ has been designed to dispel concerns harboured by some suppliers that their identities could be revealed if they provide information. They can now report an issue via the secure third-party platform in total confidence that the information they share can remain anonymous.

Suppliers or other interested parties who log on to www.telltheGCA.co.uk will find a simple form that asks them to describe their Code-related concern, the retailer or retailers to which it applies and the date of the event in question. They will be asked to choose whether to remain anonymous or provide personal details.

They are also asked to open a secure post box on the platform so, even without their contact details, the GCA can post questions if more information is needed to take action. Suppliers who do so will be given a case number and choose a password so they can log in securely to check if the GCA has posted any questions or provided any update.

Mark White, the GCA, said: “This platform is not intended as a replacement for suppliers contacting the GCA directly, if that is what they want. My door is always open to suppliers and I encourage them to bring information to me and my office.

“I will always treat that information in confidence but for those suppliers who want additional reassurance they can use ‘Tell the GCA’ to share their information.”


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