The impact of COVID-19 on UK – Cyprus relations in education


UK universities remain committed towards quality education and ensuring the provision of pastoral care to students who choose Britain as their destination, Universities UK International (UUKI) Vivienne Stern underlines in the latest of our #DynamicUK webinars.

The webinar, hosted by the British High Commission and conducted by University of Nicosia’s Associate Professor Dr. Christina Hajisoteriou, reveals how the UK will keep supporting Cypriot students following UK’s exit from the EU as well as the benefits of studying in the UK as a freshman or as a researcher. Stern, who has over 20 years’ experience of working in higher education policy and politics at national and international level, discussed four highly significant topics.

The topics cover everything from an overview of the UK – Cyprus relationship in education and research, coupled with the benefits of studying at a UK university to the Brexit transition and the COVID-19 effects to the academic community.

UK academics and Cypriot academics are working together, they’re designing courses together, and they are making sure that Cypriot students have access to the best of both worlds. I think it’s really important to try and foster and grow that. I think it tells a very strong story that UK universities are very serious about not only providing high quality education but also making sure that they provide excellent pastoral care to students that come to study with us.

Stern explains how the process of attending UK universities may have changed, but the opportunities and quality markets including rank position, have not. She notes that UK universities are committed in helping researchers and new students create strong bonds with their academic community and grow to their full potential.

Prior to her role in UUKI, Vivienne was Head of Political Affairs at Universities UK, and led the sector’s response to several major pieces of legislation relating to universities. Before that she worked for the Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee, and as policy specialist. Moreover, she’s a member of several Boards and advisory committees.

Discover more and gain insights on the UK – Cyprus relationship in education and research, by watching the entire webinar in the video below.

#DynamicUK – Vivienne Stern discusses education ties between the UK and Cyprus

The British High Commission has opened up an invitation to six highly innovative British professionals from various industries to share their knowledge and expertise on how the current pandemic has affected their fields.

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