Third Business and Human Rights Week


A series of virtual events will address the promotion of human rights and their link to improve the business environment. The activities will have the support of private sector, civil society and other key actors involved in fostering prosperity in the country.

The conferences will have the participation of British experts Gal Levin, Financial Crime and Regulator Sector; Rajiv Maher, expert associate for Advocacy for Business and Human Rights (ABHR); and Chris Goodwin-Hudson, Director of Watchman.

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The debates will focus on the importance of respecting human rights by private security companies, the role of the government in conflict resolution and the complications and conditions for dialogue that can arise to different sectors.

In addition, the link between anti-corruption and human rights will be discussed, highlighting how businesses must consider transparency and human rights in their agendas to be able to do business with the UK.

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Through these events, the UK recognizes that dialogue is key to protect and guarantee human rights. By working through the international legal field, and the support of businesses and other actors, communication is vital to foster prosperity.

Nick Whittingham, British Ambassador in Guatemala, said:

“The impact of corruption in human rights is undeniable, we all have to make an effort to stop it, the more transparent we are, more prosperity there will be for Guatemala”

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