Tier 5 rules: What would Tier 5 look like? What new restrictions could be – analysis | UK | News (Reports)


Lockdown 1 also meant elderly and vulnerable people were forced to “shield”, which meant staying home throughout.

People were unable to meet anyone from another households, both indoors and out, even for a walk around the park.

You could only leave your homes for permitted reasons, and exercise was limited to one hour a day per person.

In fact, the Government had issued a ‘stay at home’ alert, meaning you should only leave your property if essential.

Travelling to holiday homes or second homes was banned, and hotels were closed.

Even playgrounds were shut, meaning kids couldn’t use the swings or slides – a move which could be considered inf Tier was to be rolled out. 

Face masks could also be required in the street as they were in Spain at the time, although this was never a requirement in the UK.


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