Together Housing Group: flexibility to adapt to a changing market – Case study


Homes England has granted £53 million to Together Housing to help deliver 1,152 additional new homes by March 2022.

To help achieve this, Together Housing has appointed three delivery partners: WDH, Accent and Community Gateway.

By working in partnership, the four housing associations are able to share resources and expertise to maximise the number of new homes that can be delivered in areas where demand exceeds supply.

Kevin Ruth, Deputy Chief Executive, said: “By granting funding for an entire development programme rather than on a scheme-by-scheme basis, the long-term agreement with Homes England gives us the ability we need to vary our housing offer to reflect changing market conditions.

“The innovative approach enables us to deliver on our ambition to build better homes faster by using our funding flexibly across our development programmes and be able to respond quickly to local housing demand and a changing market, which is crucial with a potential recession looming as a result of the pandemic.”
“Meaningful engagement with Homes England also means we can help influence future policy, for example by sharing our experience on carbon reduction and modern methods of construction.”

Kevin says the partnership has also cemented Together Housing’s relationships with private developers. Since the strategic partnership was established, Together Housing has entered into long-term agreements with the likes of Lovell Partnerships and Vistry.

He said: “Having the financial backing of Homes England means private developers have confidence in us, secure in the knowledge that we have the funding and capacity to deliver programmes.”


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