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Universities across the country welcomed students back into their care for the 2021 term this month. The coronavirus pandemic has markedly impacted the way these institutions run, with social distancing and other measures in place to keep students apart. The measures have poured cold water over university traditions, but high case numbers may also keep students away from their families.

Which universities are on lockdown?

COVID-19 has forced people to accept a raft of new changes over the last few months, in most cases, due to shopping and public conduct.

During this time, students have faced some of the toughest challenges, including an exam results fiasco and now heavily regulated campuses.

The latter measures came into effect to prevent large-scale outbreaks, although these have emerged regardless.

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“If you are not self-isolating and no symptoms, you can, and you can go home for the holidays. But we’d ask you to think carefully about that.”

English Health Secretary Matt Hancock refused to rule out whether students below the border would have to do the same.

He said: “We have said that students should stay at university until Christmas.

“We don’t rule out the suggestion you just made but I don’t want to have to say that. It is some time off.”


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