Woke hitlist: 125 UK statues targeted in ‘Topple the Racists’ map | UK | News (Reports)


Several statues and busts were removed or vandalised last year during last year’s Black Lives Matter movement, with the statue of slave trader Edward Colston most notably being thrown into Bristol Harbour.

Sir Winston’s Churchill’s monument in Whitehall was vandalised also vandalised before being encased in a protective box.

Now a new ‘Topple the Racists’ map is being shared online, with the locations of statues deemed offensive across Britain pinpointed.

Several monuments commemorating Captain James Cook have been targeted with activists claiming the explorer “symbolisers racial oppression and violence”.

Campaigners are also calling for the removal or renaming of various targets including James Cook University Hospital and a Captain Cook museum in Middlesbrough.

The campaign’s website: “James Cook was a colonialist who murdered Maori people in their homeland.”

“The first encounter between Maori and Captain Cook and his crew ended in the murder and brutalising of nine Turanaga-nui-a-kiwa ancestors.

“In 1779, Captain Cook was killed after his attempt to kidnap a Hawai-ian king.”

It described statues and sites named after him as “purely celebratory, with no criticisms of Cook made”.

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“It must be removed.”

Robert Goodwill, Tory MP for Whitby and Scarborough, lashed out at the campaigners, saying these names do not need to be “expunge from history”.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “They’re trying to erase important aspects of our history, and we all need to study history and learn from any mistakes.

“There were things done in the name of the Empire that would not be acceptable now, but we don’t need to expunge them from history.”

This comes after Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick hit out against “town hall militants and woke worthies” trying to erase British history.

The website includes monuments of a former Prime Minister, war heroes and explorers.

It now also features those monuments which have already been removed following the movement.

An interactive map gives the locations of each monument as well as a description of each statue in relation to historic events.

Other names which have been featured on the site include Christopher Columbus, former Prime Minister William Gladstone, Oliver Cromwell and Sir Francis Drake.

The site allows people to add a statue, monument or street name to the map.

The map is a Stop Trump Coalition project in support with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The website says it is not actively calling for the statues to be torn down and is merely highlighting their location.


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