Working with the Premier League to make recruitment safer


The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) recently worked with the Premier League to deliver an online awareness session for clubs, looking at the work that DBS does and how we can work together to make recruitment safer.

The Partnership and Engagement team at DBS, who are also responsible for delivery of the DBS Conference, work regularly with other organisations, looking at how we can collaborate and share key messages amongst the safeguarding community.

This recent session with Premier League clubs looked at a number of different topics, including:

  • an overview of the work that DBS does, alongside a general update
  • the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and DBS’ response to this, including the introduction of 24-hour emergency Barred List(s) checks and other temporary measures
  • a look at the new filtering rules that were introduced in November 2020
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The Premier League clubs involved in this session were also encouraged to ask questions about the work that we do at DBS to maximise understanding, and were invited to remain in contact with DBS as we continue to build effective relationships, and look at how we can work together with safer recruitment in mind.

The session also provided the Partnership and Engagement team with the platform to introduce our new DBS regional teams and Outreach Officers to the Premier League. The focus of this new regional outreach service is to work collaboratively with safeguarding organisations and organisations that are recruiting.

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Head of Partnership and Engagement at DBS, Helen Chandler, said:

We have been delighted to have the opportunity to develop our relationship with the Premier League and support them, and their clubs, by increasing awareness and understanding of the role that DBS plays in making recruitment safer. We are learning from them what works well for their clubs, and adjusting our approach to take advantage of communication technology, and the added support that our new regional outreach officers can give to organisations and communities at a local level, at the time that it is needed.

As detailed in the DBS 2020-25 Strategy, keeping people informed and increasing public understanding of the work we do at DBS is one of DBS’ strategic objectives, and this type of work is a key part of meeting these objectives over the next five years.

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For more information about this piece of work, or the work of the Partnership and Engagement team, please contact: Danielle Oakford, Safeguarding Engagement Manager.

DBS is looking forward to continuing this work in collaboration with the Premier League.


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