Laureti Announces Production Facility in Southern California As MiRA’s New Features Revealed

Laureti Announces Production Facility in Southern California As MiRA’s New Features Revealed

Laureti Announces Production Facility in Southern California As MiRA’s New Features Revealed

PoliticMag Press Release : December 11, 2020

Passenger-centric mobility pioneer, Laureti, has announced that the car volumes dedicated for North America will be made in the United States. Laureti chief Marcus Paleti said that the company is seriously considering the southern Californian port locations as a prospective location for vehicle assembly. While US volumes and technology R&D in California, the timeline is expected to match the already planned facility in India. 


MiRA.OS, the Industry-first operating system with a focus on passenger-centric comfort is currently under development by Laureti. Early this year, Laureti transformed its business model from electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer to “mobility tech” company which also produces EVs. Marcus Paleti , CEO of Laureti said “As we see today, In the transition to electrification, the lines have become blurred between automotive OEMs and technology companies.  As a mobility-oriented technology company, we also produce electric vehicles. However, we don’t consider ourselves purely an automotive company. If we really want to make the car a sustainable commodity to use then we don’t start from the car. We start from understanding the needs of the end-user and technology that uses the vehicle as a tool to serve customers. This is where we are”.  


The in-cabin passenger experience in all Laureti’s vehicles are connected and managed through a centrally located operating system. The company primarily focuses on providing efficient business class mobility through a selected fleet players and ride-hailing market. With MiRA, Laureti’s customers can access seamless connectivity and personalised service across multiple cities in various countries. 


The company has confirmed that it recently struck a deal with a prominent OS development partner whose privacy respecting platform is already on a high demand and currently serving a ‘near trillion dollar’ corporation as an enterprise solution. Currently, there is no other operating system that guarantees protection for user data and privacy in the mobility space. Paleti, the CEO of Laureti Group has announced three new features as part of the development. “The first, A platform to integrate communications from multiple service providers and operators such as with emergency services and incident data to insurance companies.  Second, multimodal connectivity involves various modes of journey which streamlines as a single point of interface for planning, ticketing and payment while serving with realtime data and rerouting options. Finally, no matter what city a Laureti car is used in, the car knows the user, it connects securely and instantly serves the user’s realtime needs.” 

“With Laureti’s technology and vehicle package, users benefit from connected and seamless experiences. Both inside and outside the vehicle. This is new and we are leading this effort to redefine passenger-centric mobility. And MiRA is to disrupt everything you understand mobility.”


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