Pre-recorded Video Interview Software Hires Star Talent Remotely

Pre-recorded Video Interview Software Hires Star Talent Remotely

Pre-recorded Video Interview Software Hires Star Talent Remotely

PoliticMag Press Release : December 23, 2020

Pre-recorded video interview software remotely connects you with global talent and help you screen a lot of candidates at the same time in an automated way and at the same time. And shortlist the most deserving candidates for in-person interviews. Pre-recorded make hiring asynchronous by allowing you to join in the interview from anywhere at any time remotely. A pre-recorded video interviewing helps you completes your hiring in less time compared to the traditional hiring process and saves a lot of time and investment of the businesses while interviewing.

 At this time, when it is not safe to conduct in-person interviews due to COVID, a pre-recorded video interview allows you to continue talent acquisition activity to maintain businesses workflow remotely without compromising the quality of hire. One-way video interview software provides you a cost-effective hiring option and makes it easy to connect with the global talent pool.

Jobma pre-recorded recruitment software provides you automated and affordable hiring options and enables you to observe whether a candidate is suitable for your company’s working ecosystem or not.

Jobma pre-recorded interviewing offers ATS features to its clients, which allows recruiters to share interview records and details with colleagues with just a single click. With the Jobma ATS feature, you can well structure your interviews and align your hiring process. Jobma, the one-demand interview software, helps you can customize interview functionalities such as- think time, answer length, number of takes, and make your hiring comprehensive and convenient than ever before.

How Jobma pre-recorded video interview helps you select your star talent?

Jobma pre-recorded video interviewing software help you make your hiring automated, cost-effective, and tech-savvy. You can screen a lot of candidates simultaneously and make reviews& scoring of the candidates comprehensive. Here in this topic, we will see how can Jobma help you select star talent:

Help you reduce interview rounds: Jobma pre-recorded video interview tool improves your screening ability and allows you to shortlist candidates based on job descriptions. It also helps you complete hiring in less than half of the time compared to the traditional interviewing process. And allows you to record responses from anywhere without wasting time on travel. 

Enables you with ATS integration feature: Jobma ATS feature allows candidates to share candidates’ responses and other detail with colleagues just in a single click, align your recruitment process and other hiring activities better, and make collaboration better with the candidates and talent acquisition department.

Reduces per hire cost: Jobma let you hire remotely sitting in your comfort zone and make your hiring more stable and help your business grows fast. Pre-recorded video interview helps you select the most suitable candidate for the in-person interviews and save a lot of time for the hiring manager in the candidates’ initial screening.

If you are looking for a pre-recorded interview but have not decided which one you should buy, opt for Jobma. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and makes recruitment faster, smarter, and more efficient than ever before.


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