Presenting a streamlined vacation rental software for entrepreneurs

Presenting a streamlined vacation rental software for entrepreneurs

Presenting a streamlined vacation rental software for entrepreneurs

PoliticMag Press Release : December 23, 2020

RadicalStart has introduced a streamlined vacation rental software known as RentALL for entrepreneurs. The software allows entrepreneurs to launch their vacation rental business in a short time. It also suits established vacation rental businesses that want to set up an online platform for their customers. 

The vacation rental software is available as a website and a mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. The software comes with an admin panel for the business owners to manage their complete business operations. 

The admin dashboard makes it easy for business owners to 

  • Manage the Host community and the properties listed on the platform.
  • Automate their payout schedule 
  • Set service fee for the platform
  • Keep track of the reservations that happen
  • Verify documents uploaded by Host 
  • Handle the content on the platform

The visually engaging website or a mobile app enables the Guest & Host to use the platform seamlessly. 

Here’s how the software benefits Guest: 

  1. Save a listing in WishList for a future booking 
  2. Message their Host to know more information a property 
  3. Pay securely for a reservation using Stripe SCA 
  4. Provide a review the Host property

The software gives advantages to Host by, 

  1. List unlimited properties on the platform 
  2. Keep different pricing to earn profit
  3. Import and export calendar to sync booking information 
  4. Set house rules for their properties
  5. Give a review the Guest stay


The RentALL – vacation rental software – is built with the latest technologies such as React, and GraphQL to maximize the website performance. 

Additional benefits include: 

  1. The software is 100% customizable 
  2. A white-label solution
  3. Scalable 
  4. Suitable to launch an MVP platform


RadicalStart is a rental marketplace and on-demand platform development company situated in Madurai, India. We handcrafted our products using modern technologies such as React, GraphQL, & Flutter. We are committed to building the dreams of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in this world with their startups. 

Our current products are RentALL, RentALL Cars, RentALL Space, Wooberly, and WooberlyEats. 


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