Baby Harris hawk born at Leeds Castle (Photo)

Baby Harris hawk born at Leeds Castle (Photo)
Baby Harris hawk born at Leeds Castle (Photo)

The “ball of fluff” bird of prey is the offspring of mum Texas, 11, and father Keye, 21.

Head falconer at the castle, Hannah James, said: “We retired my beloved Keye and Texas together in an environment where we hoped they would be comfortable enough to breed.

“Myself and the team are over the moon with the happy arrival of Gallo and I hope to one day be able to fly him as I have his dad.”

Gallo’s father Keye has been cared for by Ms James since he was three months old and retired with Texas in 2018.

Ms James added: “After three years of waiting and hoping, we were beginning to think the programme was unsuccessful. We had the surprise of our lives when there was movement in the nest.

“Texas had got up to feed, revealing a tiny little ball of fluff! There it was trying to sit up in the nest, no control over his little head, wobbling around trying to see what’s going on.

“We are delighted and can’t wait to introduce little Gallo to visitors later this year.”


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