Coronavirus: Salon owner refuses appointments for clients who have had Covid vaccine

Coronavirus: Delta variant cases jump 240% in one week in UK
Coronavirus: Delta variant cases jump 240% in one week in UK

THE owner of an alternative healing salon in Glasgow has said she will not treat customers who have had the Covid vaccine.

Suzanne Holliday, founder of White Rabbit Healing in the city centre, posted on Instagram that she would no longer offer her services to existing or new customers, citing concerns over the jag.

This included the debunked theory that it is “experimental until 2023” and anecdotal social media reports about its side effects.

Holliday, who founded the business in 2015, insisted she made the decision to protect “her clients, herself and her child” and hoped her message would “reach the right people”.

A post on the White Rabbit Instagram account, which has since been made private, read: “Starting from Monday 31st May 2021, I (Suzanne) will not be treating any new or existing clients who have received any Covid vaccination.

“This decision is not one of fear.

“Fear is the lowest vibration. It is simply to protect my clients, myself and my child from the unknown effects of this experimental injection after my own experiences since coming back to work.

“I don’t just hang out in the same room as you. I massage my skin against your skin for 8 hours a day.”

The post, which referenced concerns over “delayed or missing periods”, “swollen limbs”, and “blood clots”, added: “The real lived experience of thousands, mostly women, confirm this. Women are often dismissed and their voices silenced.

“Let me assure you it will not be happening at White Rabbit.”

Dr Georgia Perona-Wright, who is a senior lecturer in Immunology at the University of Glasgow, was among those to debunk the theories posted on the account.

Of the claim the jag is “experimental”, she said: “This isn’t true.

“The vaccines approved for use in the UK (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZenceca, and Johnson & Johnson) have all been through all the normal safety and efficacy trials that every new drug goes through.


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