Ferries blocked between Jersey and Guernsey amid fishing row

Ferries blocked between Jersey and Guernsey amid fishing row
Ferries blocked between Jersey and Guernsey amid fishing row

FERRIES have been blocked between Jersey and Guernsey according to reports. A Condor Ferries ferry boat has been stopped by French boats, it’s claimed.

Cedric Mas, President of the Resilience Action Institute tweeted: “The French blocked the ‘Goodwill’ ferry from the Condor company, which was supposed to ensure the connection with Guernsey.” He claimed the Royal Navy deployed two ships against a French fishing fleet, which caused the blockage.

He posted a video to his Twitter, which he claims show images of the French fishing flotilla protesting outside Jersey at the entrance to St Helier.

Condor Ferries runs a number of routes from Guernsey to other locations.

The Ferries run daily from Jersey taking just over an hour.

France launched a naval gendarmerie vessel towards Jersey this morning.

Elwyn Dop, Condor Ferries’ Operations Director, said: “Due to the disruption this morning in St Helier, Jersey, the departure of our freight ship, Commodore Goodwill, had to be delayed until safe passage could be arranged.

“She arrived in Jersey at 04:30, discharged her cargo as usual before leaving for Guernsey at 11:15, just over four hours behind schedule. Timings for today and tomorrow have therefore been revised to accommodate the delay.

“Disruption was minimal with no impact on the freight supply chain, which brings in 95% of the essential food, medical and other goods into the Channel Islands.

“We expect our freight and passenger vessel, Commodore Clipper, to operate to Jersey this afternoon from Portsmouth and Guernsey as normal.”


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