Terrified couple have a late night visitor (Video)

Terrified couple have a late night visitor (Video)
Terrified couple have a late night visitor (Video)

Here’s one visitor you don’t want knocking at your front door.

Mark and Jackie Brettingen were in their Sarasota home around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night when they spotted a giant alligator staring at them through their front door.

As Jackie got closer to record video of the reptile, Mark could be heard in the background warning her to stay back because the gator could break through the glass.

Her response: “I have a gun.”

The alligator stayed at their doorstep for about 10 minutes before it slowly walked down the path away from the front of their home.

More of the large reptiles have been spotted out and about due to the start of alligator mating season, which begins in May or June. However, their courtship starts in early April — and that means more alligators sightings as the reptiles venture out in search of their mates.


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