Alex Salmond taking Scottish government to court – UK



Former first minister Alex Salmond is suing the Scottish government following complaints about his conduct during his time in office.

The former SNP leader says he has been denied the chance to challenge a complaints procedure made against him.

It follows claims he was reported to police over his conduct around staff at his official Bute House residence in 2013, according to the Daily Record.

Mr Salmond tweeted a statement saying: “For many months now, and on the advice of Senior Counsel, I have attempted to persuade the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government that she is behaving unlawfully in the application of a complaints procedure, introduced by her more than three years after I left office.

“This is a procedure so unjust that even now I have not been allowed to see and therefore to properly challenge the case against me. I have not been allowed to see the evidence.

“It is therefore with great reluctance that I have today launched a Judicial Review in the Court of Session which will decide the issue of the lawfulness of the procedure which has been used against me.”

More to follow…



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