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Calvin Robinson, who heads up the Defund the BBC campaign, told talkRADIO that the BBC needed a different business model to stop the corporation “splashing” taxpayer money. The campaigner slammed the corporation for spending their revenue on “diversity quotas” and “bias watch.” It comes after the broadcaster provoked a furious public backlash over its response to complaints from viewers about its controversial educational video on gender identity. 

Mr Robinson told Mike Graham’s TalkRADIO show that the corporation needed a different funding structure and to curb spending on “diversity quotas.”

He said: “We need to have a different business model for the BBC at this point if they want to continue.

They can’t keep splashing our money around on diversity quotas, and their bias watch, while at the same time lecturing us on what to think and how to think and telling our children how many genders there are.”

Host Mike Graham proceeded to question Mr Robinson on what his preferred business model was for the broadcaster. 

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Mr Robinson replied: “I think it is up the BBC to decide how they want to model themselves going forward

“You know they could open it up to a global audience, there are plenty of people across the world who still appreciate the BBC’s content

“They could open it up in a Netflix-style if they wanted to or they could go for advertisements,” he added.

“All I think is we need to stop taking British people to court for not paying the licence fee when they don’t even watch BBC content.” 

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The response did little to satisfy outraged viewers, who took to social media to express their dissatisfaction.

The campaign group Defund the BBC tweeted: “The BBC has claimed that their video promoting radical gender ideology to primary school children has been “wilfully misrepresented.”

“The shocking video of a teacher telling children that there are 100 genders speaks for itself.”

Meanwhile, the campaign group Defund the BBC has gathered almost 100,000 followers on Twitter since it was launched in June.


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