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Appearing on the flagship show, Kehinde Andrews, who is of Afro-Caribbean descent, gave his controversial take about whether there can ever be adequate reparations for human history built on oppression and slavery.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight, he said: “The West is built on racism, the principle of white supremacy is embedded into our political economy.

“This isn’t something that happened in the past this is something that happens today.

“There’s a reason why children die every second on the African continent.

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“And that’s why it still lives with us and that’s why we need to have a total revolution.”

Mr Andrews argues that white supremacy is based on the belief that black people are inferior and this is reflected in the global economy.

He has appeared on the programme before to argue that British stars should not stand for the national anthem and has appeared at an Oxford University debate to argue that the British education system perpetuates racism.

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But the professor is highly critical of Barack Obama and said he did not do enough to help black people in America.

He also made a surprising argument about Donald Trump, saying: “Trump is probably a better president for black people than Barack Obama.

“Malcolm X said beware of the northern fox who comes smiling and says things are better – that’s Obama.”

But Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis pointed out that black unemployment went down at the end of Obama’s premiership.

Mr Andrews retorted: “But poverty went up. Because what kind of jobs were people getting?

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“50 percent of employed black people in New York work in fast food restaurants, that’s no kind of work. Obama could only do harm.

“At least Trump reminds us – the southern wolf – that he is not your friend.”

Kehinde Andrews’s latest book is called “Black to Black: Retelling black radicalism for the 21st Century”.

It has also been endorsed by Russel Brand.



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