Big cat outbreak: Expert warns 500 big cats, including leopards and pumas, loose in UK | UK | News (Reports)


There may be 250 black leopards and 250 pumas in rural areas of the UK. Doctor Andrew Hemmings has received a multitude of reports of big cats and believes 80 percent are credible. Dr Hemmings, of the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, said he believes there are hundreds of large predatory cats in the wild.

Over the years there have been many photographs taken of what could possibly be big cats in the British countryside.

Dr Hemmings has discovered large bite marks – the signature measurements of big cats on prey such as deer – across the UK.

On August 9, what seemed to be a Savannah cat was observed at 4pm wandering across Coldham’s Common in central Cambridge.

The animal was caught on camera.

The photograph was taken by Dan Underwood, who spoke to the Daily Mail and said: “It was the size of a medium dog, lean and very agile looking.

“It was a light sand colour with dark spots and big pointed ears.

“Much bigger than a regular cat.

“It had no collar and didn’t seem to be in any panic.


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