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Sebastian Kurz travelled to the Ravensdale border crossing at the Louth/Down border, accompanied by Peter Sheridan, chief executive of Cooperation Ireland.

Chancellor Mr Kurz said in a press conference that Brexit is an issue for Ireland and the rest of the EU member states.

And he said: ”We now have to find a way to organise a Brexit so there is no negative outcomes for Ireland.

“The last few days has been a big step, it’s only possible to negotiate if you know the position of the ones you have to negotiate with.

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“We have to find a solution, not only for Ireland but for the UK and in the interest of the 27 member states of the EU.

“We are all not happy that the British people decided (to leave the EU) but we have to respect it.

The Austrian leader added Brexit was a “big topic” for all in the EU.

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He added: “But it is of course an especially big topic for Ireland and here it is not just a real topic affecting the economy and cooperation, but of course also a very emotional topic because of the history.

“It has to be ensured that there will be no hard border here, because this would be fatal for the entire region and Ireland.

“I therefore support the Irish considerations and wishes in this context and I am convinced that we have to ensure a clarification of this border question in the exit agreement.”

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The Austrian chancellor is due to meet Theresa May at around 6.45pm UK time.

The two leaders are expected to discuss Brexit progress and comes just a day after David Davis quit from his job as Britain’s chief negotiator with the EU.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg


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