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Mr Davis quit his post as the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator overnight after objecting to Theresa May’s new proposal for a future relationship between Britain and the EU.

Despite Michel Barnier losing his British counterpart nine months from UK’s departure, Brussels is far from bothered about the revelations in Westminster – insisting they are “here to work, engage at all levels”.

Throughout the Belgian capital, the thinking is Mr Davis – who has spent just four hours in Brussels this year has been superseded by Mrs May’s EU sherpa Olly Robbins as the UK’s chief negotiator.

One EU diplomat suggested this was Theresa May’s attempt to bring Brexit negotiations back under here full control, while others see the change as lacking substance.

One source said: “It doesn’t matter much to us here in Brussels, It predominantly matters in the UK.

“From my view, this is the Prime Minister taking control of DEXEU, saying ‘I’m number one’.”

Another member state representative insisted the change will have no effect on Brexit negotiations because Mr Robbin’s had overtaken Mr Davis in the UK’s negotiating pecking order.

They said: “Don’t expect anything to come of David Davis’ resignation, it was very much Olly Robbins dealing with Michel Barnier’s Brexit task force.

“We don’t expect any substantial change to the Brexit negotiations and are very much waiting for the white paper.”

The European Commission has said it doesn’t expect much change in the negotiations, fully expecting talks to maintain their current schedule.

A spokesman said: “We are working for a deal and available 24/7 to contribute to one.”

Dominic Raab, the new Brexit Secretary, will not be meeting Mr Barnier this week but could travel to Brussels for the next round of talks expecting to start on July 16.

Mr Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, is currently in the United States on his Brexit tour but could still speak to Mr Raab over the phone.



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