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England has recorded 60 more deaths in hospitals, Wales 21, and Scotland a further six. Northern Ireland has reported no more fatalities. 

This has increased from last Saturday when there were 51 deaths recorded in the UK’s hospitals and is the highest rise since late June. 

The Prime Minister is set to announce more localised restrictions on Monday, as pubs and restaurants across northern England are widely expected to be told to shut to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Scientists have warned worrying new figures show that a quarter of patients currently being treated for COVID in hospitals across England actually caught the virus after they were admitted. There are growing fears this is due to failures within hospital trusts, meaning further restrictions across the UK may not improve the crisis.

The North West, which is facing the threat of new restrictions next week, saw 24 percent of patients in hospital test positive for COVID seven days or more after they were admitted.


9.06pm update: Further 81 people died from Covid-19

The Government has reported a further 81 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid19, as of Saturday.

This brings the UK total to 42,760.

There have been a further 15,166 lab-confirmed cases of the virus in the UK, bringing the total to 590,844.

Separate figures published by the UK’s statistics agencies show there have now been 58,000 deaths registered in the UK where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

7.19pm update: Ireland reports three more deaths

Another three people have died with Covid-19 and infections surged above 1,000 in one day in Ireland.

A total of 199 people are in hospital, with 31 in intensive care units.

There has been a consistent increase in test positivity over the past week.

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5.52pm update: Hundreds of prisoners isolating amid Covid-19 outbreak

More than 250 prisoners are self-isolating at Scotland’s largest prison, following an outbreak of coronavirus.

The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) said two prisoners and four members of staff  at Barlinnie prison in Glasgow have tested positive for the virus.

All prisoners are having to self-isolate and visitors are banned until October 20. 

5.10pm update: Prime Minister under pressure to make changes to lockdown restrictions

Boris Johnson is under pressure to make dramatic changes to lockdown restrictions, as a second wave of Covid-19 looms. 

To curb the spread of the deadly virus, the British Medical Association (BMA) has urged the Government to tighten the rule of six so only two households can meet and impose new face mask rules for outdoors and offices, including making the wearing of face masks mandatory in all working environments unless you are working alone. 

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Other recommendations include providing masks free of charge to those who are exempt from prescription charges, adding more functionality to the NHS Test and Trace app and give businesses more financial support to help make them more “Covid secure”.

4.35pm update: Anti-mask protestors descend on Downing Street

Hundreds of anti-mask protestors have descended on Downing Street, chanting “freedom” and demanding an end to lockdown.

Police lined the streets as people marched with banners declaring the virus a hoax.

The protestors were mostly unmasked as they made their way through central London.


Protestors descended on Downing St. (Image: Getty)

3.11pm update: More deaths in Scotland and Wales as coronavirus cases rise

There have been a further 627 cases of Covid-19 in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 29,654.

Public Health Wales has also reported a further 21 deaths, meaning the total number of deaths since the pandemic began is 1,667 in Wales.

But it said the large increase was the result of a delay in incorporating 17 deaths that occurred in the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board area between October 3-7.

Meanwhile Scotland has recorded six new deaths and more than a thousand new cases in the past 24 hours.

Infected patients account for 14.1% of those newly tested, down from 16.2% on Friday.

The number of coronavirus patients in hospital has also reached a 14-week high, with 432 people now recieving treatment. Of these, 34 patients were in intensive care, up by three from the revised figure on Friday. 

2.53pm update: Russia also hit by record number of coronavirus cases 

Russia has recored 12,846 new coronavirus cases.

This is the biggest one-day increase on record, with 197 new deaths.

This also includes 4,105 new cases in Moscow.

2.26pm update: Netherlands hit by biggest one-day rise in COVID 

THe Netherlands has reported 6,504 new coronavirus cases, which the biggest one-day increase on record.

Hospital cases are up by 51 at 1,190, while ICU cases are recorded at 235, down by four. 

And deaths have risen by 24, according to the latest data . 


(Image: Express )

1.37pm update: More information about local lockdowns in the north revealed

ITV’s Paul Brand tweeted: “Liverpool *will* be in tier 3 from Weds, ie shutting pubs and restaurants, as things stand.

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“North Tyneside, Newcastle, Northumberland will *not* be in tier 3.

“Greater Manchester is still discussing its tier with govt.

“But none of the metro mayors above will accept tier 3 unless it comes with further financial support, equal to the original furlough scheme of 80% of wages. They want MPs to put pressure on, with potential legal battle. But not clear what they’ll do if govt refuses to budge.”

12.49pm update: Mayor of Manchester says Government help for a looming lockdown in the north of England is “insufficient” 

Andy Burnham, speaking at a press conference with political leaders from Liverpool, Sheffield and Tyneside, said: “We were told yesterday the financial package that would accompany any new system of restrictions, as announced by the Chancellor yesterday afternoon, was final and non-negotiable.

“And I have to say, we cannot accept that.

“This package only appeared late in the day, and at the start of the week there was not going to be any financial package at all.

“Following pressure from mayors and other leaders that changed.

“But the analysis we have done of that package, and we’ve took time to digest what the Chancellor had said, the conclusion we have reached is this package is insufficient to protect our communities as we go into the rest of the autumn and the winter.”

11.28am update: Queen faces backlash as birthday honours list rewards Boris Johnson’s coronavirus advisors

A total of six members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) have received honours.

The gongs come after SAGE received backlash earlier this year for being slow in advising the country should go into lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in July that there would be an independent inquiry so “lessons could be learnt”.

David Davis, former Brexit secretary, blasted the honour as “an innately biasing process”.

He said: “It’s unwise to give honours to people who are still serving on an advisory committee.

“Fine when they get to the end of the process or when they stand down or retire.

“But if it’s honours to people when they’re still sitting on the committee — that almost feels like saying, ‘Well, I like your advice and I don’t feel like anybody else’s’. It’s an innately biasing process.”

10.02am update: BBC Breakfast host furiously blasted by Tory MP over Covid impact on veterans ‘Not true!’

Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer joined Rachel Burden and Charlie Stayt on BBC Breakfast today to discuss World Mental Health Day and the support available to UK war veterans.

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However, the interview became heated when Burden suggested the Conservative Government was partly to blame for any lack of mental health support. 

Mercer began: “It’s been a really difficult time for a lot of people and the characteristics of isolation are not helpful for veterans who have left and who are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. 

“What we’ve done is work really hard to set up some clear pathways to make sure people who have left who need to access mental health treatment can. 

“The key is now getting the message out there about them and encouraging people to come forward.”

9.19am update: Coronavirus marshals with bodycams to patrol weddings and pubs as cases surge

The marshals – dubbed ‘Covid Wombles’ – have been in use since September, but new guidelines have been issued which recommend their roles could be stepped up.

The government has suggested the marshals should have security guard training according to the Daily Telegraph.

They have also reportedly been told to target group events such as weddings as well as pubs, where video cameras attached to them would record crowds and film evidence of rule-breaking.

Coronavirus news: Boris Johnson has been warned not to increase restrictions

Coronavirus news: Boris Johnson has been warned not to increase restrictions (Image: Getty)

8.35am update: Piers Morgan issues grave warning about the Government ‘sleep-walking’ UK into another diasaster

The GMB host tweeted: “Latest covid numbers are very worrying.

“I hope & pray the Govt is not sleep-walking us into another disaster as it did in March.”

8.19am update: North East leaders plan to oppose new lockdown measures

Leader of Gateshead Council warned local leaders in the North East will reject any lockdown of hospitality, amid reports Boris Johnson will make an announcement on Monday.

He told BBC Radio 4 that “not a single government minister was on yesterday’s call with local leaders across the North East”.

7.51am update: Mayor of Liverpool has said he expects the city to be put in a tier three lockdown within days

Joe Anderson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Saturday: “We had some conversations with Downing Street yesterday, we have got further conversations, discussions with them this afternoon.

“And I expect that Liverpool will be one of those announced. We will be in the local lockdown, new local lockdown, which is announced, which will probably be, well, will be tier three, and that that will be enacted in Parliament on Tuesday.

“We are continuing the discussions and conversations today.”


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