Coronavirus news: Vaccine will only get UK out of lockdown when enough people receive it | UK | News (Reports)


David Salisbury told talkRADIO that the Pfizer vaccine breakthrough is a really important step in the world’s battle against COVID-19. However, he added that the effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the amount available and how quickly it can be produced. 

Mr Salisbury said: “I am excited about it? Yes of course.

“It is really important, it means we have got a vaccine that can protect us, and that is a huge step forward.

“It means that we can tackle this virus in the way that we know how to deal with infectious disease.

“Also this is the first sort of proof that a vaccine will work, that is really important too.”

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He added: “Will it get us out of lockdown? Well, that is a more difficult question.

“It will only get us out of lockdown when we have got enough people protected through vaccination.

“That depends totally on the amount of vaccine and how quickly we get it.”

Earlier this week the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine’s side-effects were outlined by a man who took part in the trial two months ago.

“I did take an anti-body test after that second dose and I do have anti-bodies now.

“I have been tested for coronavirus multiple times and have always been negative.”

He added:  “Correct, I had a headache and I was fatigued for 24 hours.

“I am two months after the last dose and I am as good as over, and I don’t have the coronavirus.”


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