Covid vaccine news: Chris Whitty praises volunteers and experts at vaccine breakthrough | UK | News (Reports)


In a statement, England’s Chief Medical Officer and the Prime Minister praised the effort of the British people during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Whitty paid a passionate tribute to those that are taking part in the process of developing vaccines, participating in drug trials and helping in the effort to understand the coronavirus.

Mr Whitty said: “I was only going to say one thing and that is an absolutely massive thank you to all of those up and down this country who are volunteering every day for studies into Covid.

“Some in vaccines and drugs, some in testing and many in trying to understand the disease.

“We have repeatedly said that it is only science that is going to get us out of this whole and people across the UK are contributing enormously to this by volunteering their time and expertise.”

He added: “It is only by this combination of science that we will defeat it.

“So I just wanted to thank people from all of us for this enormous thing that they have done to help us and everybody get out of the Covid hole.

“But it will be a long haul.”

More to follow…


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