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Piers Morgan has launched a scathing attack on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for the way they have conducted themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. He said their behaviour is starkly at odds with Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William’s example – who he heavily praised for continuing to do their royal duty throughout the crisis.

Mr Morgan told “I think the way the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have conducted themselves during the pandemic has been starkly at odds with the Sussexes, and to their great credit.

“They understand what to do.

“I thought Harry understood that but he has got no interest in duty.

“He has been completely bamboozled in a way that we saw the last time American lady entered the Royal Family.”

The GMB presenter further criticised the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in his new book, Wake Up.

The journalist raged at the couple for announcing plans to launch their new charitable organisation, Archewell, the day after the Queen gave a national address to raise morale during the coronavirus lockdown.

He wrote: “Apart from the grotesquely tone-deaf inappropriateness of doing this immediately after the Queen addressed the nation about coronavirus, I imagine the total number of f**ks the British public currently gives about these two self-regarding brats, announcing their ‘plans’ as they do nothing that matters in a Hollywood mansion, could be written on the back of a postage stamp.”

Mr Morgan continues his criticism later in the book, where he hits out at the couple for moving to California during the height of the pandemic.

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Mr Morgan also hit out at Prince Harry for claiming the UK’s coronavirus crisis was not as bad as the public were being told.

He said: “Even more disgracefully, Prince Harry accused the British media of exaggerating the scale of this coronavirus crisis.

“How the hell does he know how bad it is from his Hollywood hideaway – did he call his father Prince Charles, who has been suffering from the virus many thousands of miles away?”

The Duke made the comments during a podcast that aired on April 19.

He said that things here are “better than we are led to believe through certain corners of the media”.

Harry’s comments prompted outrage from a number of experts, with Professor Karol Sikora asking what his qualifications were to make such an assessment.

Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts by Piers Morgan (HarperCollins, £20) is out now.


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