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Finding Freedom is a new biography about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, written by royal journalists Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie. Finding Freedom details the couple’s exit from the Royal Family and all the events leading up to it. The biography, however, has no input or contribution from the Duke and Duchess themselves. A number of interesting and previously unknown details have emerged in Finding Freedom – including a time when Meghan snuck into Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception.

Pippa Middleton, sister to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, married James Matthews in May 2017.

At the time, it was widely assumed Prince Harry had driven back to Kensington Palace to pick up his then-girlfriend, Meghan, after attending the ceremony at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire.

However, Finding Freedom claims the pair found a “clever workaround” to avoid a 150-mile trip from Kensington to Berkshire.

The book says Prince Harry dropped Meghan off at an Airbnb in Berkshire, which a close friend and fellow wedding guest were also staying in.

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An extract from Finding Freedom reads: “While all the other guests were at the ceremony, Meghan changed into a decidedly un-flashy long black gown and did her own makeup.”

Her close friend and occasional stylist, Jessica Mulroney, helped her choose the wedding outfit.

Prince Harry then drove back to the rented residence after the church service, where he had lunch with his future wife before the duo snuck into the wedding reception.

They arrived on the grounds of the Middletons’ Buckleberry home “just as a Supermarine Spitfire fisher plane was launching into an aerial performance for guests”.

Fans of the Royal Family were anticipating Meghan’s presence at the wedding ceremony and were surprised when she was not in attendance.

Meghan did not attend Pippa’s wedding ceremony, because she did not want to attract too much media attention, according to the book.

The authors of the book claim that the Middletons “reluctantly” invited Meghan to the wedding for fears her and Prince Harry could “overshadow the main event”.

An extract of Finding Freedom reads: “Both the bride [Pippa] and her mum, Carole, privately harboured concerns that the American actress’s presence alongside Harry might overshadow the main event.”

According to the biography, an article was written in about how the event would be a “wedding of the rears” if Meghan attended the ceremony, also deterred her presence.

The book reads: “The day of the nuptials, ran a cover story, ‘It’s Meghan v Pippa in the… Wedding of the Rears’, accompanied by a rear-view paparazzi picture of Meghan in yoga pants leaving a central London yoga studio that week side by side with the infamous photo of Pippa from behind during Kate’s 2011 wedding ceremony.

“Harry and Meghan agreed that she couldn’t possibly turn up at the church, only 50 metres from a specially arranged media pen, after such a crass cover story.”

Pippa and her husband, James, were among the guest list at Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding.


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