Nicola Sturgeon news: SNP leader CANCELS Christmas – despite government guidance | UK | News (Reports)


Nicola Sturgeon has warned that people should be “very cautious” at Christmas, especially now the coronavirus vaccinations are in reach. The First Minister had been responding to ITV host Robert Peston’s question about whether she would be forming “bubbles” during the holiday. This comes after the UK Government announced that three households will be allowed to form a “Christmas bubble” from December 23 to 27.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I think people should be very cautious at Christmas, I will be very cautious at Christmas.

“I will not be having family for an indoor Christmas meal.

“I may take advantage of the ability to see family, to have an outdoor walk.

“What we’ve done in terms of Christmas is to try to be pragmatic.”

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She continued: “Some people will find it really impossible to not see loved ones that might be on their own through Christmas, so we’ve tried to put some boundaries around that.

“But my advice is that if you can get through Christmas without interacting with other households, you should try to do that.

“We are so close now to a vaccine. Let’s just keep our eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel now and try to operate in a way where we try to minimise the number of people who get the virus.

“So I would urge caution on the part of as many people as possible.”

Someone else wrote: “She always manages to make me laugh.”

Another user joked: “No invites eh, Nicola?”

Britons will be able to mix indoors in private homes and even stay overnight.

Travel restrictions will also be axed for the time period.

However, people will not be able to go to a pub or restaurant with their bubble.


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