Prince Harry ‘haunted’ by Megxit decision and desperately making ‘excuses’ for choices | Royal | News (Reports)


TalkRadio host Kevin O’Sullivan spoke with royal expert Russel Myers on Prince Harry’s latest interview with James Corden and his overall wellbeing. Mr Sullivan argued Prince Harry was now “haunted” by his decision to step away from his senior royal duties with Meghan Markle. The commentator added the Duke was now making excuses to help justify his actions.

Mr Myers noted it was extraordinary that Prince Harry was having interviews released that partially overshadow engagements by the Queen.

Mr O’Sullivan questioned whether Prince Harry was in denial about his decision to stop being a senior member of the Royal Family.

He said: “Here Prince Harry is assuring James Corden that his life is still all about public service, no it is not.

“He said that he did not turn his back on Britain, yes he did.

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“He said I came here and I had to get out of the nightmare of the toxic press and any man would have done the same, no they wouldn’t.

“Harry, if you are seeking privacy for your family why on earth would you come to Hollywood.”

Mr O’Sullivan concluded that Prince Harry was making excuses for his actions.

He closed by saying: “None of this stacks up.

Mr Myers said: “There are questions as to whether the James Corden interview should have gone out on the same day the Queen was making a very important statement.

“She was making a historic statement about the anti-vaxxers, she was basically calling anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine by choice selfish.

“She was saying people like that need to think of others before themselves.

“Then you have Prince Harry riding around on an open-top bus through LA with James Corden drinking tea and rapping like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it is absolutely extraordinary.”


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