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Prince Harry was photographed on an open-air double-decker tour bus in Hollywood with a filming crew and Mr Corden, a long-time friend of the Duke of Sussex and host of The Late Late Show. According to a source, Harry and Mr Corden recorded the popular and recurring segment of the TV host’s show – Carpool Karaoke.

This skit sees guests of Mr Corden singing along songs while travelling with him in a car and answering questions.

Given the ongoing pandemic, the Duke and Mr Corden filmed this segment while social-distancing on the bus, the insider claimed.

They told People magazine: “They taped a COVID-appropriate segment of Carpool Karaoke on the double-decker.

“They have been friends for years and had a great time. A lot of joking around and laughter.

“They toured Hollywood and James showed Harry some special landmarks.

“They also chatted about Harry’s life in the US and his focus now.”

However, some royal watchers and commentators described this move as a fall from Harry’s status of prince of the United Kingdom to celebrity.

talkRADIO host Dan Wootton wrote on Twitter: “Wow, this is what Prince Harry has become after less than a year in Hollywood.

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“Just another celebrity plugging his latest product on a chat show. Sad!”

Royal author Robert Jobson replied to Mr Wootton saying: “Sad, really.

“He had a fantastic (not for profit) platform to make a real change when he was simply a Prince of the realm. Clearly it wasn’t enough.”

Other Twitter users took part in this discussion and, while some agreed with Mr Wootton, other sided with Prince Harry.


One wrote: “How else do you want him to promote it? Door to door knocking? He didn’t wanna be a royal anymore, let him have a career.”

A second Twitter user added: “Good for him, it’s his life, no one else’s, let him live it how he chooses, end of.”

Another said: “Hang on: Some of the biggest stars in the world have been on Carpool Karaoke!

“Lin Manuel, Mariah and One Direction just to name a few! He’s in pretty good company! Leave him alone for once.”

Another Twitter user replied to this tweet saying: “He was a Prince of the Realm.

“Quite a different league from a celebrity… but that’s what he has reduced himself to now”.

A royal watcher wrote: “But not sad for him. If he is happier being a celebrity then fair enough.

“But the media should just treat him as another celebrity – stop reporting on the Prince currently known as Harry.”

Finally, a Twitter user called for the Duke to be stripped of his titles, saying: “He should not now have the prince’s title it should be removed cashing in on their titles does not sit well with the British people and could really damage the monarchy in Britain to the extent it’s goes”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals at the end of March last year, relinquishing their right to carry out royal duties and use their HRH styles to become financially independent and free to live abroad.

Over the course of 2020, the couple struck deals with Netflix and Spotify which will see them become TV and audio producers.


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