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Buckingham Palace issued a rare statement to confirm the 94-year-old head of state and her husband, 99, had been given the injection last week. It is understood the Queen decided the information should be made public to prevent inaccuracies and further speculation. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have today received Covid-19 vaccinations.” A royal source also confirmed the injections were administered by a household doctor at Windsor Castle.

Daily Express royal reporter Richard Palmer added the royals were likely to have “been under pressure” to share the news of their jab to help persuade more Britons to do the same.

He tweeted: “The Queen and Philip have been under pressure to go public because the Government is desperate to boost confidence in the jabs amid polls suggesting at least one in five will refuse inoculations.

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“Royal sources had insisted it was a private medical matter for the couple.”

It is not known which vaccine the Queen and Duke were given but it is likely they will receive their second dose up to 12 weeks later.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge both contracted coronavirus during the first wave of the pandemic.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock shared his delight at the royal couple getting the jab, before also later announcing Britain has now given around two million people a vaccination.

He added: “I’m delighted that Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh have received their Covid vaccine.

“We are defeating this virus jab by jab.”


8.21am update: Prince Harry faces huge personal blow in Queen showdown – ‘You can’t have it both ways!’

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Royal author Angela Levin claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to keep the benefits of being a royal as they start a new life of personal and financial freedom in America.

She highlighted that Harry is understood not want to lose his military appointments despite quitting royal duties.

Asked about the outcome of the Megxit review, Ms Levin told “I can’t see they will want to return to the royal fold.

“They have got all these side contracts in place on the other side of the world.

“But I do think they probably want all the benefits of being a royal.

“It does help them get lots of jobs undoubtedly and I think they want to do that.

“I think Harry very much wants to have a connection with the military and also the charities that he loves supporting.

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“But as has been said a hundred times you can’t have it both ways.”

7.53am update: Royal Family ‘following Meghan Markle’s lead’ in major social media shakeup

Harry and Meghan were recently said to be stepping away from social media altogether, but the couple were previously noted for using platforms such as Instagram informally, compared to other royals.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are thought to have followed their lead, making similar changes to their own social media accounts.

According to Vanity Fair: “As much as Meghan faced criticism from the British press for her use of social media and relationship with the press, the remaining royals seemed to be following her lead, from changing the names on their social media profiles to sharing personal, heartfelt messages throughout the national lockdown.”


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