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Vote in’s royal poll and let us know more about what you think in the comments section. Our poll comes as Charles, 72, is first in line to the throne, while the Duke of Cambridge, 38, is second in line.

There have been calls over the years for Charles to step aside for his son William.

Royal author Charles Irving has claimed the 72-year-old is unfit to be King and warned the monarchy will be in “jeopardy” if he ascends to the throne. 

He told Australian breakfast television show Sunrise: “The Queen has learnt the key thing about being a monarch for all this time, which is that we shouldn’t know very personal details about her.

“That means we shouldn’t know how she feels about things and we shouldn’t know her opinions on anything.

“That gives her a kid of independence and inscrutability, which is invaluable in a monarch.

“I unfortunately can’t say the same for her son and heir Charles, who we know far too much about.”

Mr Irving, author of new royal book The Last Queen, added that Charles “doesn’t have any of the qualities” that make Her Majesty so popular with the public.

The royal expert said: “She has no constitutional authority, but she has a very personal authority and she has earned that by being a neutral and very sympathetic figure in a kind of motherly way.

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“He has been trained to be a King and since his early 20s he’s got involved.”

The royal expert added: “Constitutionally there is no provision for it, so why would there be?

“When Kings have abdicated in the past, they have usually done so under duress many, many centuries ago or they have done so for love like Edward VIII.

“So why would Charles wish to abdicate when he has been trained for kingship and will probably make an excellent King?

“I can’t see the monarchy jumping off a cliff, I really can’t.”

The royal author insisted that she believes the monarchy will “flourish” with Charles at the helm.

She said: “I do think Charles will change a few things.

“He’s said he is not going to be a defender of the faith, he’s going to be a defender of all faiths, it might be along those lines. I see it surviving, flourishing actually.”


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