Scottish Secretary welcomes UK’s historic deal with EU


Commenting on today’s announcement of the UK and EU today reaching a deal, Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said:

The UK’s deal with the EU is great news for Scotland’s businesses. There are huge opportunities ahead – not just with this exceptional access to the EU market, but also in new markets right around the world.

We have an agreement on fisheries which will ensure that our fishermen, and our coastal communities, will flourish outside of the EU’s unfair Common Fisheries Policy. The UK will once more be a sovereign coastal state.

The deal protects famous Scottish products such as whisky, Arbroath Smokies and Orkney cheddar.

People in Scotland will benefit from a wide range of social security and healthcare rights while travelling, working and living in the EU.

Now, Scottish businesses need to get ready. The UK Government has been preparing intensively, and working with businesses, and that will continue. The Scottish Government also needs to do its bit and take action in devolved areas – we have given the Scottish Government nearly £200 million to prepare for Brexit.

The United Kingdom will always be a welcoming, outwards-facing nation. Our European neighbours are our friends, and that will not change. EU citizens will continue to be an important part of many of Scotland’s communities. This is a historic moment for us all. There are enormous opportunities ahead of us, and we all need to make the most of them.


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