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“They described her sense of empathy when talking to victims and have said she really has made it a cornerstone of her public work to find out how she can amplify their voices on the international stage.”

Her commitment to the cause had Sophie become the first member of the Royal Family to visit South Sudan weeks after the end of a seven-years-long civil war in the country.

Sunday Times royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah said: “We’ve seen her travel to Sierra Leone and more recently to South Sudan, incredibly dangerous country, to explore and learn more about these issues and the trauma women have gone through.

“And to see how she can help.”

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Former correspondent Christina Lamb, who had previously accompanied Princess Diana on some of her overseas travels, said Sophie’s last tour had reminded her of the work of the late princess.

Ms Lamb said: “That sort of reminded me of going to Angola with Princess Diana, because that was the last time a member of the Royal Family went to such a dangerous place.

“She famously walked through a minefield and she also met children who’d been terribly wounded by landmines.

“And Sophie said I can’t possibly achieve what Diana did, but if I can get a small amount of attention focused on this through who I am, that’s important to do.”

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Sophie’s long-lasting marriage to the Queen’s youngest son is also believed to have played an important factor in how the Countess is perceived.

Of the four children of Her Majesty and Prince Philip, the Earl of Wessex is the only one to have remained married and he celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary earlier this year.

The Queen is the Head of the Church of England, which has maintained a strict position on divorce.

Sophie and Edward remained very active throughout the lockdown, with the pair joining Royal Family efforts to boost morale among British and Commonwealth citizens. 


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