A New Breed of Employment Generation Method Hits the Market

A New Breed of Employment Generation Method Hits the Market

A New Breed of Employment Generation Method Hits the Market

PoliticMag Press Release : December 03, 2020

Since the attack of COVID-19 at the fag end of 2019 and the subsequent lockdowns imposed by various governments around the world, there has been an erosion of jobs in the market. People in huge numbers have lost their jobs in the US, India and many other countries affected by the pandemic. It is worse than a depression which has imposed fear in the minds of people and taken away their sleep. There have been queues across countries applying for unemployment benefits. The incomes of households have spiralled down, and it is time to think out of the box.

The silver lining is there has been a rise in home based jobs. For those who are employed, they too are working out of their houses, lest COVID-19 take a toll on them. Everyone is looking to make an income working from the comfort of their homes.

One of the self-sustaining areas of creating jobs for ourselves is writing. The world of writing has been there for a long time now. But the need to write has never been more than now. Talk to anyone and they want to write and voice their opinions. The digital world is exercising the power of audio and video, and people are consuming it like never before. But, unlike the digital world, what we write stays forever. A book creates an identity, creates a property, creates a legacy for oneself. And yes, a book also helps one earn their livelihood.

But the question is, what can we write? Are we capable of writing? What if the world does not like what we have written? Where do we publish? These and many other questions often put a setback to the ambitions of writing for many people. Where on the one hand book writing, blog writing could become a source of income for the population who likes to write, there is an apprehension on its ability to generate revenue?

Book writing, blog writing and other creative jobs available at freelance sites, can help one tide over the loss of jobs and help create an aura of happiness around most people during this torrid time. Book writing, editing, publishing and marketing has never been easier. The best part is that you can do it whenever you can find the time.

So why wait any longer. Get on the bandwagon of writing a book today and live a healthy, wealthy and free life! Learn to “Write a Million Dollar Book in 10 Days” available on Amazon.

Also announcing “Author Path-X”, a venture to hold the hands of people in writing their books, create an identity, a property, a legacy which the world will remember. Write your book and create an earning for yourself.



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