AverickMedia Introduced a Highly Coveted Physicians Email List for a Better Marketing Results

AverickMedia Introduced a Highly Coveted Physicians Email List for a Better Marketing Results

AverickMedia Introduced a Highly Coveted Physicians Email List for a Better Marketing Results

PoliticMag Press Release : December 15, 2020

Houston, Texas, United States of America [15th December 2020]: AverickMedia, the company that has been an industrial market expert when it came to the compilation of B2B industry database, has now released the brand new Physicians Email List. During the festive season, the company has taken over the opportunity to ease the efforts of businesses that are associated with healthcare and want to connect with physicians for their business purposes.

The Physicians email list was released to serve the needs of businesses striving to connect with physicians all around the United States. This new launch could connect healthcare marketers with AverickMedia, faster than ever before. The Physicians Email List contains over 80% of the entire physician’s data in the USA. The physician email list brings to businesses the full names, site addresses, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers of physicians. The mailing list comes with the qualities of getting a higher ROI, increase sales, lower communication costs, and discovering probable communication channels that will suit your business.

Physicians hold the mid-point of every healthcare setting they are in. Physicians are on the rise, and they have been growing at 6% every year. It is above the average of any other profession. Though, the rise of physicians is higher than any other occupation in the industry. There is a shortage shortly because of the rising demand. The demand for physicians rises because of the coming of the grey wave, which means the baby boomers will be over 65 years of age, and physicians will hold the highest of importance in the healthcare industry.

The motive of the Physicians email list is to make sure businesses reach decision-making physicians in the industry. Businesses thrive on marketing and sales cycles once they have accomplished the part of connecting with their targeted audience in the industry. The physician email list reached the top of the market with the increased demand for connecting with physicians.

Lisa Reynolds, from leading Pharma, said, “It was time that all our sales and marketing cycles were extending, just from the fact that it was the healthcare industry. The physician email list reduced the time our marketing time consumed with least of our efforts,”


AverickMedia has been a world-known database provider for the past decade. Businesses find AverickMedia to be a trusted data-partner for all of their marketing needs. The company is also known to be the only transparent data provider with accurate and precise data. Along with its database services, the company is also a market leader in terms of advanced data management services.

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