AverickMedia Refurbishes their Hospital Email List for Healthcare Marketers

AverickMedia Refurbishes their Hospital Email List for Healthcare Marketers

AverickMedia Refurbishes their Hospital Email List for Healthcare Marketers

PoliticMag Press Release : December 09, 2020

Houston, Texas, United States of America [9th December 2020]: AverickMedia, a company that has been at the core of producing industrial database for B2B Marketing purposes, has now released a brand new email list for healthcare marketers; the hospital email list. The hospital email list contains the data of 70% of the hospitals in the United States and also comes along with various other data. The data comes along with full names, email addresses, mailing addresses, fax numbers, and site addresses to enable multiple channels of marketing possible.

The purpose of the hospital email list is to serve businesses striving to collaborate with hospitals that suit their business the most. The Business Development Manager of AverickMedia said, during the launch of the Hospital Email List, ” hospital database has been built with the ability to give businesses a response rate, increase sales, lower the cost of important communication messages connect with various healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and much more, and discover all the distribution channels possible,”

There are over 6,000 hospitals in the United States, which makes it harder to connect with. And connecting with the right decision-makers in the industry is another task that businesses need to struggle with. The motive of the hospital email list from AverickMedia is to serve that need and struggle of companies and make it hassle-free. Hospitals are growing every year at 1.6% in the United States, with the grey wave getting near and the demand getting higher.

Businesses can effortlessly merge their affairs with the hospitals in the industry if they have the right source to do. Whether it is small, large, or medium-scaled businesses, the company always struggles in making the most out of their development projects because they cannot keep up with their marketing objectives. The email list that has just been launched is said to be a provider for all of those needs. And to focus on business without a long wait or excess expenditure internally.

Bryan Willis, from leading pharmaceutical, said, “Though our reputation in the industry can fetch us sales, we could not concentrate on connecting with hospitals, because we were too carried away by other activities, but AverickMedia’s Hospital email list has been an instantaneous and worthwhile option for our marketing outreach in the healthcare industry for the long-run,”

AverickMedia has been a world-known database provider for the past decade. Businesses find AverickMedia to be a trusted data-partner for all of their marketing needs. The company is also known to be the only transparent data provider with accurate and precise data. Along with its database services, the company is also a market leader in terms of advanced data management services.


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