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Local businesses are gaining hundreds more online reviews and increasing revenue, with new innovative review collection method.

ScanExtras today announced that it will be changing the way small, local and independent businesses can collect online reviews, effectively helping them increase revenues upon re-opening after COVID-19 restrictions.

Scanextras uses a unique QR POS system that will be displayed in stores, on counter tops and at the point of sale. This will allow customers to quickly and easily scan a unique QR code at the time of purchase and leave a review there and then. Searching for these companies on the internet will no longer be required as the unique QR code will take the customer directly to the businesses chosen review platform.

ScanExtras state that this will encourage reviews at the time of the sale or just after when the experience is fresh in the mind of the consumer, this simple method also cuts out the process of searching for the companies online and on review platforms. This method ensures that feedback is accessible to all consumers in a consistent and fair way, any and all consumers have the opportunity to scan the QR code in store and leave a review on the businesses chosen platform.  The change will aid meeting the consumers wishes by lowering the risk of businesses trying to hand select only the customers who are predisposed to leave a good review and allow all customers to leave a review based on their true experience, in a fair way.



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